30 & 100 days continuous anti-viral
protection coating spray

Our main active ingredient is quaternary ammonium compound and this compound is approved by US EPA N list to be effective against SARS-CoV-2. BR Protect Self-Disinfecting antimicrobial Coating Spray can be used to help protect your premises surfaces by inhibiting Germs for up to 30/100 days.

versus BR Protect

Whilst traditional disinfection methods have their place, they also have their significant limitations, as they only provide a ‘one off’ very short-lived intervention with little to no residual action at all. This leaves the surface entirely vulnerable to re-infection almost immediately after treatment.

Not so with BR Protect Anti-Microbial Protection’! A single application of this highly efficient disinfection agent not only provides an almost instantaneous 99.99% reduction in pathogens, but it also goes on doing so 24/7/365 for over 180 days and routine cleaning only enhances its efficacy and longevity. This in turn, provides complete safety and peace of mind.

BR Protect creates an invisible barrier for at least 30/100 days with a single application

Unlike disinfectant products which only kill pathogens during their wet contact time, BR Protect remains effective for over 30/100 days depending on your choice of the two product derivatives we have available. This treatment reduces the risk of cross contamination ensuring all treated surfaces remain non-infectious 24/7 for at least 1 month.


Do Your Part, Stop The Spread!

How Long do Coronaviruses Live on Surfaces?

How Does Covid-19 Spread?


Released when an infected person talks, coughs or sneezes

Physical Contact

Any physical contact with an infected person

Contaminated Surfaces

Touching the surface that has been contaminated by an infected person

Untreated Surfaces

Works In A Dry State

  • BR Protect uses a residual antimicrobial technology where a single application will provide continuous surface protection for up to 30 days
  • BR Protect continues to work in a dry state by creating an inhospitable surface for incoming germs that physically disrupts and inhibits their growth
  • BR Protect destroys a wide spectrum of bacteria, moulds, fungi and inactivates viruses
  • BR Protect does not leach or migrate from applied surfaces into the environment

BR Protect Antimicrobial Spray
Efficacy Test Report

Antimicrobial Coating Spray for
Frequent High Touch Surfaces

lift buttons
door handles
pantry kitchen surfaces
appliance handles
stair railings
lights switches
lift buttons
door handles
pantry kitchen surfaces
appliance handles
stair railings
lights switches

The Technology Behind BR Protect Coating

Frequently Asked Questions

An antimicrobial is a substance that inhibits or stops the growth of all micro-organisms or destroys them. ‘BR Protect’ provides long lasting anti-microbial protection for 30/100 days following initial application.

An antimicrobial coating is a durable, long-lasting surface treatment that chemically bonds to any surface to which it has been applied. The coating endows that surface with semi-permanent disinfection properties that can prevail for weeks, months or even years. This surface destroys all types of microorganisms that come into contact with it, including yeasts, fungi, protozoans, bacteria and viruses.

Furthermore, because of the way the non-leaching antimicrobial coating works, it is not possible for microorganisms to build up any resistance to it, so it is a highly effective way to secure ongoing protection against the risk of cross contamination, infection and disease.

BR Protect is a durable, long-lasting coating that endows any surface to which it has been applied with powerful residual antimicrobial properties. Unlike conventional disinfectants, BR Protect will give you surface protection from all germs on a 24/7 basis while reducing the risk of cross contamination with any treated surface remaining 99.99% germ free for at least 30 days or 100 days. It is non-corrosive, non-toxic and meets all the quality standards at the national and international level.

Stay safe and healthy with BR Protect by disinfecting/ sanitizing floors and surfaces. Our product is made from an active ingredient (quaternary ammonium compound) which quickly eliminates/ inhibits the growth of disease-causing organisms.

In our daily interaction, we come into contact with germs which are harmful to our health. They cause sicknesses that would otherwise be avoided if we could only clean the surfaces around us. At Big Red we are offering you BR Protect, a disinfectant that will help you fight harmful germs by killing and stopping their spread. In these abnormal days of Covid – 19, our Antimicrobial Protect will help stop the spread!

No! In fact, regular routine cleaning will only serve to enhance and optimise the efficacy of the treatment ensuring that the ongoing disinfection potential remains at maximum efficacy for at least 30/100 days.

Because of its physical rather than chemical nature, ‘BR Protect’ will continue to provide a highly effective level of disinfection by destroying 99.99% of micro-organisms immediately on contact 24/7 for at least 30/100 days after application.